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Insurance Restoration Contractor

Serving South Eastern Michigan including Dundee, Ida, Maybee, Milan, Monroe, Petersburg & Temperance

Rollins Builders is a full service insurance restoration contractor. We can help if your home has suffered unexpected damages!

The most common types of damages occur from wind, rain, and hail. If shingles have blown off your home or your siding has been damaged we can make all necessary repairs. Maybe, you have seamless gutter damage from a downed tree limb, or a leaky roof that you keep putting off? Whatever your reason for making an insurance claim, Rollins Builders can restore your home.

Has your home has suffered more significant damages? We will work with you and your insurance agent to make things right.

In addition to offering 24 hour emergency assistance, Rollins Builders is also a full service tornado storm repair contractor. Our team of expert builders is prepared to handle structural repairs, re-shingling of damage roofs, repair of wind damage to siding,emergancy tarping of damaged part of home or any other tornado repair or storm repair services that you need.

FREE Insurance Restoration Quote

Rollins Builders would be happy to provide a quote on any and all of our repair services or storm repair services. As a qualified insurance restoration contractor for Monroe County, Michigan region, we would also be happy to speak with you about how you can quickly and easily get repairs approved by your insurance agency.

Our goal is to offer you the fastest, most affordable repair services available in the Monroe County area - quickly getting your home to a "better than it was" condition. For a FREE quote from a qualified insurance restoration contractor, simply click on the "Estimate" link at the top or give us a call at (734)529-2742.